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We have a fresh shipment of 15,000 feet of reclaimed wood in gorgeous hues of browns, reds, greys and whites. The wood is reclaimed from barns in Kentucky and Ohio and kiln dried. It's quite easy to update your home for less. The boards are tongue and groove and usually come in widths of 3", 5" and 7" although they can be cut to any specification. Stop in to see our new selection. Updating your home is now easier than ever!



Take your room from blah to WOW, with reclaimed wood from Woodstock!

Reclaimed wood in browns and greys, purchased from Woodstock Architectural Products.

Reclaimed wood in browns and greys, purchased from Woodstock Architectural Products.

Get Inspired......

One quick search of new home trends on Pinterest and you’re apt to see an unlikely result…..Reclaimed Barn wood!

The history and story behind the barn materials is fascinating, some barns as old as 150 years. There’s no shortage of manufacturer’s creating new furniture and flooring and making it look distressed, but it’s quite appealing to find naturally distressed barn wood. The look is transformative and adds depth and beauty to your home.

So what should you consider when purchasing reclaimed barn wood?

According to Kevin Fults, owner of Woodstock Architecture Products in Las Vegas, it’s important to  make sure the barn wood is processed correctly.  His company removes nails, properly dries out the material and cuts the barn wood into interlocking planks of various sizes. The planks can be left natural or stained various colors of brown, red or grey. Starting at $10 a square foot, it’s an affordable high end designer look that can be achieved within budget.

For more information and to see the large variety of color options and wood availability, visit the Woodstock showroom Monday – Friday from 8 to 4. 5070 West Patrick Lane, Las Vegas, NV

Woodstock's Show Room - Design Center

Woodstock architectural products is your local direct source for home building and design products.  We have an onsite mill that provides you with countless solutions to your home projects in order to make your vision a reality. Offering one of the largest inventories in Las Vegas of barn and reclaimed wood, exotic wood, Crown & Base  moulding,  Chemetal, Treefrog and Interior Arts, their professionals understand what makes a product special is the quality of materials, uniqueness of design, customizable options and high level of service. 

"Sustainable Style : Rebuilding or Renovating Your Home with Reclaimed Wood"

Searching for reclaimed wood has become an art in its own right.  Woodstock has found wonderful salvaged 100 year old barn beams varied sizes and color they are a gorgeous choice for any project. 

The reclaimed wood craze isn’t fading out anytime soon, and it’s become so coveted that you can now buy laminate that has its time worn appearance!  Supply and demand go hand in hand, and installing reclaimed wood floors isn’t exactly an inexpensive project – but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the inviting and warm feeling that rustic wood brings into your home!   (Chemetal, Tree Frog and Interior Arts)

There are many other ways to bring reclaimed wood into the home take peak into our LOOK Book  page for inspiration, installing on ceilings and walls.